Monday, October 1, 2007

Week in review

Long time no post :-)

Alot's been going on since I posted last... it's been a busy week and a half!

Russ's brother from Alaska came in last Monday, then the rest of their Texas relatives flew in on Wednesday-Friday, so the week was pretty busy. (In case you don't remember me saying, Russ's mother got married this past Saturday.)

This past week, every night has basically consisted of a bunch of people coming over to the house and partaking in some alcoholic beverages and/or hanging out in the hot tub. Friday night was the big 'rehearsal dinner' for Russ's mom, since she wasn't going to have anything big after the wedding itself. So this dinner Friday was more like the wedding reception, you could say.

The dinner was awesome... it was nice to see all Russ's relatives (well, MY relatives now, too) and meet the ones that didn't get to make it in for our wedding. The first hour was spent in a separate smaller banquet room for cocktails and appetizers. Russ and I went and got a glass of wine and were chatting it up with another couple when a lady came by and offered us stuffed mushrooms...and I LOVE stuffed mushrooms. They looked a little messy but I couldn't resist. As I bit into it, some of the butter from it ran RIGHT DOWN MY CLEAVAGE and a piece of mushroom fell on my dress. Guess I can't eat and stand up at the same time. LOL. Luckily, no one noticed as I slyly tried to wipe down my boobs with a cocktail napkin... but I was still a little paranoid that I would smell like a stuffed mushroom the rest of the night.

By the time cocktail hour was over, I had just gotten my third fill-up of wine and was beginning to feel pretty darn good. Thank goodness for dinner, because I was in desperate need of food in my stomach. Russ's uncle paid for the whole dinner, and went all out. There were three different stations for food... one was turkey and all the trimmings, another was the 'seafood buffet' and the third was a pasta station where you tell them how to make your pasta/what you want in it, etc... and they'll make it right in front of you. I filled my tummy with some yummy food and kept right on drinking.

Now, let me say that I HARDLY EVER DRINK. I mean, Russ and I still have bottles of alcohol left over from our wedding over 2 years ago. We have a fully stocked bar downstairs that rarely gets used. Why am I telling you that I hardly ever drink?? Because I only had 5 glasses of chardonnay and a small glass of champagne from the toast, and I was TRASHED! And these glasses of wine were over the course of 4 hours and a large dinner! What the heck?!

I guess by the time we were ready to leave, I was telling some of our close friends that my Nuvaring was due to come out Saturday...and God knows what else I told them. But at least most of them were three sheets to the wind too, so not everyone remembered. But OH, my husband remembered. He informed me the next morning of what I said/did the night before. I woke up arond 9am and he goes, "Hey honey... do you remember the ride home lastnight?"

Of course the answer was no. (Well, I remembered PARTS of the ride home. I remember singing and dancing in the car, that's about it.) But then my husband informed me that I tried to undress him in the car and made the car go in neutral a couple times. Then he said that as soon as we got in the house, I stripped off my clothes and went to bed. "But you left your black thigh-high hose on...that was pretty funny," my husband added. Then he said I went in the bathroom for about an hour.

"Was I naked in there?" I asked him.

"Yes. It was funny."

"Hey honey?" he then asked me.


"Do you remember telling everyone your 'ring was coming out?'"

"Ugh. Yes. I do."

(laughs) "Well they do too."

Evidentally my husband had gone to the hotel where his relatives were staying and they were all talking about how drunk everyone was the night before, and they mentioned me and what I had said. But my husband made me feel better when he said that lots of people had a little too much to drink.

At that point, I stil pretty much wanted to dig a hole and jump in it for the day. LOL.

I mean.... 5 glasses of wine. FIVE! Two during cocktail hour, then 3 while in the other room. I seriously remember EVERYTHING from the dinner... so why is the ride home always a blur?! I truly don't remember ANYTHING from the time we got home until I woke up the next morning. That SCARES ME! My husband said I staggered up the driveway and insisted getting the mail out of the mailbox, then about fell over our landscaping once I got back down the driveway. Ugh. At least I was with my husband. If I hadn't been within his sight all night, I would have sworn someone spiked my drink.

Now I know why I don't drink. All this past week, Russ's brother and his buddies have been over at our house in the hot tub drinking, and I haven't had ANYTHING to drink. I made my favorite drink, peach schnapps and cranberry, and took two sips and couldn't drink anymore. I just have no desire to, whatsoever. I guess I just have to have one good drunken episode per year. I think the last time I drank before this was my cousin's bachelorette party in August 06, right before I found out I was pregnant. So yeah, maybe that's why 5 glasses of wine did the trick.

Anyway...enough about me turning into an obnoxious embarrassing lush.

The rest of this week has been pretty busy, like I said. We had the wedding dinner Friday, the wedding Saturday. Russ's mom had a little reception afterwards, just drinks and appetizers. Later that night, about 20 of us had a reservation at JC Wine Cellars restaurant. Their food was AWESOME! Some of his out-of-town relatives got lost on the way (even though they were all following eachother, who knows...), so they showed up late. THe restaurant closed at 9pm, but they were nice enough to stay open late for us.

Sunday was football day. I dressed ALyson up in a pink and white Pittsburgh Steeler onesie! Unfortunately they lost.... better luck next week.) Later that evening, a bunch of us had dinner together...

Monday we had Alyson baptized. A few mutual friends of Russ and his brother had their son Adam baptized also. Alyson was SO DARN ADORABLE in her christening gown. Russ's mom had bought it for her awhile back. It had a matching cap, socks and shoes. His mom also bought her THE cutest little baby bracelet with a little cross on it, so she got to wear that during the baptism. After the baptism, we had a party at our house. There were about 25 people here. THank goodness we had the thing catered. (Russ's idea.) One of his buddies owns a restaurant so he and his brother catered the party for us. It made things SO much less stressful. They set everything up and tore everything back down, so we didn't even have much to clean up. THe party lasted until about 9pm, then all the guys took their wives/kids home and came back to our house for the 'afterhours party.' They all stayed out on the deck and in the hot tub until at least 3am. (It's been like this just about every night.)

Tuesday and today were pretty relaxing. I've just been spending time with Aly and cleaning up the house. Russ has been pretty busy lately, so he hasn't been getting home until late evening. He's already in bed, Aly's sleeping, and his brother, who's staying with us through the end of the week, is over their friend's I'm taking the opportunity to use the peace and quiet for some blog much needed blog updating! I started this post a few nights ago, but never got back to it until now.

Anyway... I don't think anything's planned for tomorrow as of yet, but who knows. We'll probably end up barbecuing or something. Friday we are having a cookout at Dean and Joelle's house. Weekend plans are still up in the air.

So that's about it. There are the updates...all I can think of for now, anyway.

Here are some baptism pics...

From L-R: Steve (Russ's mom's new hubby), Russ's brother Jon, Russ's mom Susan, Russ holding Alyson, Father Jack, me

From L-R: Joelle (godmother), Adam, Jon (godfather) holding Alyson

L-R: Grandma Jane, Joelle, my mom (still with the walker and the cast...) and dad, Jon, me, Father Jack, Russ and Alyson, Steve and Susan

Here's a pic of the cake we bought for Aly and Adam...

And last but not least... this is Alyson after we opened her baptism gifts. Mommy was having a little too much fun with the bows.