Monday, February 7, 2011

2 months and counting!

SO BUMMED about Steelers losing the Super Bowl!! Ugh. Three Pittsburgh turnovers for 21 Green Bay points just doesn't win a game... :-( I was really hoping they'd pull out a win at the end, but no such luck. Maybe next year, right?? As for the entertainment, I think it sucked! I don't think the Black Eyed Peas were that great... they should have had Usher do the whole halftime show. Not to mention Cristina Aguilera screwing up the lyrics to the National Anthem! She's never gonna live that one down...the media's already all over it. I was looking foward to the commercials this year but there weren't that many I liked. I loved the Doritos one where the guy licks the cheese off the other guy's finger... the Pepsi Max first date one... the Teleflora commercial with Faith Hill in it... and the one about "Going First." Those are the ones that stuck in my mind, but I don't think I saw half of them! (Baby bedtime takes So.... now that football is done, back to cheering on the Pittsburgh Penguins now :-)

Anyway, onto the good news...

Russ and I FINALLY booked our trip to Cancun!! SOOOOOOOO EXCITED!! We're going in April and staying at Live Aqua. It's an all-inclusive. We've done Riu Caribe (not the best place, but a good value) and Sun Palace (AWESOME!)in the past... we would have gone back to Sun Palace but we wanted to do something different. Looking forward to getting away, just the two of us. Yes-- we will be CHILDLESS. We're only going for 3 nights though. I'd miss the kiddos too much if it were any longer than that!! It'll be just long enough to relax and de-stress. SO looking foward to lounging on the beach, sipping a fruity drink and enjoying the gorgeous turquoise water!! LOVE IT.

Here are a few pics of the resort-- looks like it's gonna be amazing!!

Beach Cabanas!

Exterior at night:

The down side... only 2 months to get my butt bathing suit-ready ;-)

Off to bed... I only got 4 hours of sleep lastnight so I can hardly keep my eyes open. Just wanted to update real quick. More soon :-) Happy Monday....