Monday, December 3, 2007

Ranting and Raving :-)

I just got done watching the Baltimore/New England game... and I must say that Baltimore should have beat New England. Grr. What a game. I hope Steelers give them a run for their money this weekend!!!!!!!

Not much has been going on since I last posted... I've just been busy getting Christmas stuff done. I STILL have to put my outside decorations up, but we've had wind advisories the past few days, with wind gusts up to 40-some miles per hour....not to mention it's been flurrying the past few days too. I'm not going to get snow-covered AND blown away in an attempt to decorate the front of my house. No thank you!

Anyway, like I do every year, I must now rant about my adventures in Christmas shopping, mainly Walmart. I went there after work Saturday morning (7:45am) and bought my garland for outside, along with wrapping paper and all that other happy crap. I thought that being that it was so early, there wouldn't be many people there.... boy was I wrong! Everyone must have that same idea, to go shopping at the buttcrack of dawn. There were 5x as many people there that early in the morning, so it was STILL a mad house.

So there I was in Walmart, after having been up all night, trying to avoid being run over by some early morning Walmart shoppers speeding around the place like they are running from a fire. (long sentence, sorry..) It was then that I realized just how RUDE people get around the holidays!! Does anyone else notice this?! It's like all manners disappear. God forbid you stop your cart in an aisle and LOOK at something for more than 0.2seconds, or you get a look like, "Are you going to move,or what?" or the person who wants to look at what YOU are looking at stares holes into you until you move.Sure, they may act like they're not waiting for you to move, but you know they are! It's just so darn annoying. At my local Walmart, the aisles in the area where all the Christmas decorations are set up are only wide enough for one cart to fit through, so you're constantly having to park your cart at the end of the aisle just to go look at something...then when you get back to your cart, you discover you've created a traffic jam. Again, quite annoying.

Ok, enough Walmart ranting. I do this every year. It's just that I truly despise having to go to Walmart from "Black Friday" through Christmas. I refuse to go during the day, unless it's a true emergency. The only time I'll go is right after work first thing in the morning!!

Now to my next rant. Also shopping-related :-)

As I've probably said in here before, I've been taking Alyson on lots of shopping trips lately, now that the holidays are approaching. And, some of you new mothers might do this same thing--- but when I take her out, I make sure that I make her look like a GIRL. If I don't dress her in pink, she's got a hairbow or some identifying mark that says "I'm a GIRL." I know I hate trying to figure out whether someone's baby is a boy or a girl.

So my point is... if people don't know if your baby is a boy or girl, why don't they just say, "That's a cute BABY"???? The other day, I had Alyson at the mall, and had her dressed in purple and white. She was in her carrier, and I have one of those "Bundle Me" carrier blankets, which is PINK. Despite all of the girly colors, I still had two people say things indicating they thought she was a boy. You know how everyone just has to peek in the stroller to see your baby... well, one lady goes, "Well hello there, little dude! Aww, he's cute." Then a little while later, one of the ladies at the checkout counter looked in my stroller and said, "Aww, hey little guy." By this time, I was annoyed. I started thinking, "Does she really look like a BOY?!" I wanted to say, "LOOK! DO YOU SEE THE PINK??!! DO YOU THINK I'M TRYING TO MAKE MY 'SON' BE IN TOUCH WITH HIS FEMININE SIDE AT THIS EARLY AGE?!"

How irritating. Anyone else have this happen?!

Well, enough ranting for tonight. I need to get some sleep :-) I'll post again soon :-)