Wednesday, July 25, 2007

All is quiet in the Hunt house... for now, anyway.

Yes, I'm FINALLY getting to write another post! Aly just fell asleep, so mommy now has some "me time." Me-time is very precious these days! Unfortunately, when Aly sleeps, I'm usually doing things like making up bottles, cleaning house, or on very rare occasions, taking a nap myself. Not much time for "interneting" lately :-(

Things have been going well...little Aly is as ornery as ever. She's holding her little head up more, though she still looks like a little drunk when she tries to do She's so alert, and is smiling more and more. We took a trip to my mom and dad's today for a few hours... they needed their "gram and pap fix," as they call it. They can't go more than a few days without seeing Alyson, or they're calling me saying, "Are you bringing her over?" or "We're gonna stop out, ok?" They're such proud grandparents. They want to watch Aly this weekend, so she's going to stay with them Saturday night. It'll give Russ and I some time together, so it'll be a good thing. We're thinking of heading to Pittsburgh on Saturday, more than likely we'll spend the day out there on the boat soaking up some sun and relaxing. (Ha-- relaxing...what's THAT?!)

Tomorrow, Aly and I are making our first 'big trip', just the two of us. Yeah, so we're just going to Pittsburgh, but it's still a big venture for us. The only places we've gone where it's just the two of us have been the grocery store and my parents' house. We're meeting up with my friend Joelle and her kids, and Deana and her son... a "girls and kids day out." We're gonna eat lunch at Olive Garden and then go to the mall. :-) I'm excited... I need to get out of the house for awhile.

In other post-pregnancy news... I've decided to start a diet. I started it a week ago and I'm down 4 pounds already. I am 5 pounds away from pre-preggo weight, but it feels like 50! I tried on my pre-pregnancy jeans the other day and I can ALMOST button/zip them, but it's still a stretch. But what gets me is that they are tighter in the hip/thigh area...GRR! I actually felt like i LOST weight in that area while I was pregnant, so why the tightness?! Guess it's the inevitable attack of the "childbearing hips." I just hate the fact that I'm totally in the 'in-between' stage where fitting into clothes is concerned. I don't wanna wear maternity stuff anymore, but I still have to wear some of my maternity pants/jeans, and I don't feel right in my pre-prego clothes yet. It's so darn annoying. It puts me in a bad mood when I think about it. I went from having a big wardrobe to NO wardrobe. I don't want to go shopping for in-between sized clothing that I'm not going to fit into in a few months. (wishful thinking.)

So we'll see how this diet goes. I'm still at the grouchy stage right now, where I'm wanting what I can't (well, SHOULDN'T) have.... i.e. chocolate, chocolate, anything to do with carbs, chocolate, carbs, and did I mention chocolate? To solve the chocolate issue, I've been drinking those slimfast optima chocolate shakes. They're pretty good, if I say so myself.

Well, I hear a fussy baby who is ready to eat-- YET AGAIN! So this'll have to be it for now. Hopefully I can start posting more often within the coming weeks. :-)

Take care... :-)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

1 month already??!!

My little baby girl is 4 weeks old today. Where the heck did the time go?! Seems like just yesterday I was giving birth and suffering from an aching you-know-what and complaining about leaking boobs. LOL.


Alyson is doing great. She's growing like a weed and is soooo much more alert now! The only thing is that lately she's been more fussy, gassy and spitting up more, so as of today we've started her on Similac Isomil just to see if that helps. Here's hoping.

As for sleep (or lack therof, where I'm concerned), Aly is sleeping at least 3-4 hours during the night. Lastnight she slept from 1am-6:30am, but I'm sure that was a one-time thing. It sure was nice though! During the day her sleepy time is shorter though. She'll sleep for 2-3 hours then is up like clockwork sucking on her fingers and wanting to eat.

I have so much more to write but I can hear her getting fussy now so I guess I'll have to cut this post short. I just wanted to check in real quick to give an update on the little one. Here are some more pictures...

More to come soon!

Have a good night :-)

Monday, July 9, 2007

It's been awhile!!

Wow...I really underestimated how little time I would have to myself these days! This is one of the first times I've had lately to actually sit down and even THINK about posting on here. I'll try to get as much in as I can before my little one wakes up crying to eat!! HOPEFULLY I have about a half hour left before that happens.

For starters, motherhood is wonderful. And not-so-wonderful. There are times when I'm on cloud 9 and there are times when I don't know if I'm cut out for the whole motherhood thing. Now don't get me wrong-- I love little Alyson to pieces--- but sometimes I am just so overwhelmed and frustrated, and I just don't know WHAT to do! The past few days were that way... I just became so overwhelmed with everything, and it seemed like no matter what I did to soothe her, Aly still cried and fussed. She's not colicky, as far as I know... usually she only cries when she wants to eat... but yesterday was just one of those days when the crying....doesn't.....stop. It really started getting to me and Russ, and that led to us bickering, and ME crying, and then I realized that it was time for me to stop trying to be Supermom and do everything myself, and admit that I needed a helping hand with Alyson.

Russ ended up taking her to my parents for a few hours, and it was just what I needed. I hadn't been able to get anything done in the house, because she'd cry just as I was getting into doing something, so I had a chance to get some housework done. I felt like a bad mom at first due to sending her to my parents' house, but they've been more than willing to help out, and I guess I just haven't taken people up on their offers because I feel like I need to do everything myself. The frustration (and lack of sleep) just built up and built up until yesterday I was at my breaking point. I needed sleep, I was upset because I was jumping down Russ's throat for stupid things and couldn't help it....ugh.

Today things are much better though. Aly fussed around midnight so I fed her, then rocked her back to sleep...then she woke up again at 2:30 and 4:30. After that, she let me sleep until 9am. 9AM! I get so excited when I get about 4 or so hours in between a feeding. It's amazing how our perspective changes when we become parents-- I used to treasure 8 hours of sleep, now I'm thrilled to death with 4 or 5. 6 or 7 is truly

Breaktime... I hear a baby crying... :-)

Alright, I'm back.

But like I said, today's much better. I feel more relaxed. I just had to admit to myself that it was just TIME FOR A BREAK. I had my mom and Russ's mom helping out for the first week, then Russ and I felt more comfortable so we've pretty much been on our own since then. (Still with plenty of visits from the proud grandparents though!)

The first week was such a big adjustment though. It was no longer about me and Russ, but instead all our attention is focused on Aly. Having a baby really changes you and teaches you alot about yourself, by far! I'm just so in love with little Alyson. I can't stop staring at her! Every little thing she does just seems absolutely adorable, and she's already changing so much everyday! I look back at her first picture from the hospital, and she looks so different already! It's hard to believe that she'll be 3 weeks old on Thursday. Before I know it, I'll be talking about her being 6 months old!! Geesh.

Well, Aly's fussing again, so it must be feeding time. I hear her sucking on her fingers... she sounds like Maggie Simpson. LOL.

Before I go, I want to post the link to Alyson's webpage on the hospital's Web Nursery site. Feel free to leave comments ;-)

Have a great day! I'll post more as soon as I can!