Monday, November 26, 2007

Pictures and Christmas updates :-)

I had Alyson's Christmas pictures taken last are some of the proofs so you can see how fast my little one is growing!! She's almost 5 months old in the pictures.

So how far along is everyone with their Christmas shopping?? I'm about halfway finished. I started a few weeks before Thanksgiving, and told myself that it would be GREAT to be done by Tgiving, but that didn't end up happening. I've done alot of stuff online too, lately... it's just so hard to get out with a little one! It's a big production now, to try and get ready to go out somewhere. I can't just get ready and head out the door... now it's, " I have bottles... packed..." then I have to get Aly all bundled up, put her in her carseat, then load everything up in the car. While it all sounds pretty simple, oh it is NOT sometimes! By the time I get ready, I am hoping and praying that we can get out of the house before she starts crying and fussing. If I time it to where we leave RIGHT after she eats, I know I at least have a few hours before she gets irritated. Thank goodness she's really good (for the most part) when we go out shopping. She just looks around at all the clothes, and when I peek down at her, she always gives me a big's too cute :-) Mommy's teaching her early in life about the joys of shopping :-)

Decorating-wise, I put most of my inside decorations up today... all except the tree, which I'll probably do sometime next week. Tomorrow I'm hoping to get out and buy some Christmas decorations. I need to buy garland for my porch... and I just wanna change things up a bit and get some different stuff. I still have my fall stuff up outside though... I have big things of straw and pumpkins on my front porch, so I need my husband to get rid of them before I stick the Christmas stuff out there. He was supposed to do that today, but forgot. ( think it would look kinda funny if I put my big snowman on the porch next to straw and pumpkins :-)

Well, I'm gonna try to get some sleep now...I just wanted to update on here while I actually have the chance and some peace and quiet!! Goodnight!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Maaaan, I want a Hungry Man!

Sunday night I agreed to work from 7pm-11pm for one of my coworkers...she had to be somewhere with her daughter, so she couldn't come in til 11. I was trying my best to get out of work right at 11, because I really needed to go to Walmart after work. Alyson is not only recovering from a cold, but is also in the beginning stages of teething, so I hadn't made it out earlier that day.

Anyway... so you know how when you REALLY need to get out of work on time, it never happens? That was the case. One of my patients who had come in with high blood pressure had a spike in her pressure AGAIN, like 200's/100's, so we had to send her to CCU around 10:45pm or so in order to be put on an IV med that we don't do out on our floor.

Needless to say, I got behind in my work and didn't get out of work til about 11:45pm. I debated whether or not to go to Walmart, but decided that I DEFINITELY had to, whether I liked it or not, or we'd be eating ketchup sandwiches and drinking water for a few days. (My SUV went into the shop to get the heater fixed (it either blows full blast or nothing at all), so I was going to have no mode of transportation as of Monday morning.)

While it's definitely nice to shop in Walmart when not many people are there, midnight must be when all the weirdos come out. Suddenly that song, "The freaks come out at night, the freaks come out at niiiiiight" was stuck in my head. I only passed about 10 other shoppers the whole time I was there, but they were a shady bunch. The first couple I saw had to be either drunk or high. They looked about 18 or so. I was debating between corn or broccoli, while they were debating which Hungry Man frozen dinner they wanted. "Maaaaaaaaaaaaan.... that f***in looks good," the guy said. To which the girl replied, "Yeah.... I f***in' want a Hungry Man." It took everything in me not to laugh as I walked away. So then I go in the next aisle, and they come in the opposite direction. I grabbed a loaf of italian bread and saw them stop and look at a display of discounted bread, while the guy says, "Yeeeeeah...let's get a loaf of breeead. Heh."

So then I saw about 2 other couples walking around half drunk looking... they must not have wanted their dates to end and figured walmart was the only place open, so why not walk around all night?

The one that took the cake was this girl that I had noticed just walking around, acting like she didn't even know what planet she was on. I had half my cart unloaded up at the checkout, and noticed her get in line behind me, then felt like I was being stared at. I looked up and she was just staring and WOULD NOT STOP! By this time of night, I was ready to say, "What?! Is there a problem? Are you upset that I have more than 2 items and this is the only checkout aisle open? WHAT?!" It didn't help that she was standing thisclose to my cart...I thought she wanted to get in it. (sigh)

So then once I had paid for my stuff, I was debating my exit strategy. I don't ever shop that late at night, so all I could think about were all those stories about people being grabbed in parking lots. I was sure that someone was going to be hiding on the other side of my car waiting to jump out and grab me. Or that the drunk couple was gonna be sitting next to my car eating Hungry Man's and bread. I was all ready to push the car alarm button on my So I pretty much just threw everything in the trunk and hauled ass out of there. By the time I got home it was about 12:45am and I was dead tired. I thought, "Hmm... will it be ok to just leave all the groceries out til morning? I don't feel like putting them away. Chicken will be ok sitting out until 9, right?!" (Yes, I put them away....reluctantly.)

Needless to say, I don't think I will be shopping at Walmart at midnight anymore. Maybe 11pm at the latest....:-P

Friday, November 16, 2007

It's meeeeeee :-)

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

While I'd like to say that I've been off somewhere fabulous and exciting, relaxing on a tropical island for the past month and a half...I haven't. Nothing even close to that. I've relaxed a LITTLE BIT of that time, but mostly just on my couch.

(sigh) If only I had a dollar for every time I've said "I need to post on my blog" in the past month and a half. It's amazing how time flies., to play catch-up.

For starters, I shall talk about Alyson :-) She's doing GREAT. She is totally the love of my life (aside from my husband and my She had her 4-month visit on October 31st, and she weighed 16.2 pounds and was 26 inches long! She's 90th percentile for everything! (Including head size...she's got a big noggin like her

She's trying her best to sit up already... she lunges herself forward when she's sitting in her boppy, and she'll actually sit straight up for a few seconds, but then falls forward with her face in the couch. She's quick when she does it too... the other day, all I did was get up off the couch to pick up the pillows and put them back on the couch, and she had flung herself forward while I was turned around. I heard "ehhh, ehhh" then turned my head and she was sideways on the couch with her head hanging off of it, looking down at the floor..pretty much ready to do a somersault off the couch. BOY was that scary. Seems like I can't turn away for 2 seconds these days! Jeesh!

One thing I can say that has been my major lifesaver lately (well, 2 things)... the Rainforest play mat, and the rainforest jumperoo. I think those 2 things are the only ways I can now take a shower. Aly wants my attention all the time, but when she's on the playmat or in the jumperoo, she plays for a good half hour, long enough for me to shower and get somewhat ready. I placed her jumperoo in the nursery to where I can be taking a shower and see her from the bathroom. :-)

One thing I'm not looking forward to... (yeah, I know I'm jumping all around...):

I'm not looking forward to having to move our baby girl up into her nursery. She's been in the bedroom with us in a bassinet our friends let us borrow, since the pack and play we have took up too much room in the bedroom. Anyway, the friend is pregnant and due in December, so we'll have to give the bassinet back within the next few weeks. Russ has been saying "She needs to go to her room" for months now, and I keep saying, "When we have to give the bassinet back, she'll go up to the nursery." I mean, the poor girl is rapidly outgrowing the bassinet, and obviously I don't want her sleeping with us until she's It just sucks to think about. I just wish her bedroom was downstairs with ours... she'd have been in her crib from the start if that was the case. I just like the reassurance of being able to peek in at her and see her and know everything's ok. :-/

Well, I'm gonna have to cut this short... ALy wants to eat. Here are some recent pics of her :-) They are from October... I'll have to upload the other ones so I can post them soon :-)

UPDATE... here are the latest pics of Alyson that I just uploaded :-)