Sunday, May 15, 2011

Weekend: Success.... Carnival: Fail.

Ugh... WHY do I always pick Saturday night to stay up extra late, knowing fully well that I will have to wake up close to 7am on Sunday?? 3 1/2 hours of sleep....soooo tired.

And of course the minute I sit down to type this, my 3 year-old decides she wants to crawl on my lap. She just told me, "I want to sit on your legs. Put your pooter (she won't say computer for some reason!)down." LOL Meanwhile, Will is in the kitchen playing with the ABC fridge magnets... and I'm hearing the ABC song over. And over. And over. And over...... Never a dull moment in this house. Well, never a quiet moment is more like it.

I decided at 11pm lastnight to put Will's baby pictures in a photo album I bought awhile back. Yeah, only took me a year to start a photo album for him. I've totally been slacking where that's concerned. Anyway, going through hundreds of pics and trying to get them in somewhat of an order took me a few hours. Then, despite it being 1:30am, I decided to watch some shows I dvr'd.

yawn.... I need a nap.

Ok... kiddos are officially preoccupied with their chicken nuggets and fruit, so mama has a (short) moment of peace.

Onto the weekend...

This weekend was nice.... Russ has been so busy with work all through the week, so it was nice that we got to go out as a family and spend the afternoon together yesterday. We went out to dinner here in town, and it just so happened that the carnival is in town. You could see everything from the windows of the restaurant so of course Alyson asked if she could go to the carnival every 2 seconds during dinner. She was SO excited to go and kept saying how she wanted to go on the ferris wheel. So after dinner, off to the carnival we went. We didn't have our stroller with us, so we had to hold Will since he isn't walking very well yet, and the area the carnival was at was all gravel. We were trading him off about every 5 minutes because he was constantly squirming to get down. Aly was saying how she wanted to go on the rides, so we went to go get some tickets. Fortunately, Russ has done some work for the guy who owns the carnival stuff, so we got Aly's hand stamped for free, plus free tickets for us. THANK GOD, because Aly chickened out on every ride. Didn't ride ONE THING. Russ and I both took her on the merry-go-round, and at the last second with both of us, she got down and headed right back out the gate. Same thing with the kiddie roller coaster and this ride that's kinda like the teacup ride (the one that spins around) but it was teddy bears. Makes me kinda rethink taking her to an amusement park this summer! Guess we'll have to wait and see. Maybe if she had another kid with her she would have gone on the rides. Who knows.

After the carnival lastnight we went to the new house, then took the kiddos to Coldstone Creamery where Aly downed some vanilla ice cream with sprinkles (she never wants anything different) and Will had his first kiddie cup of Apple Fritter ice cream. I think he would have licked the cup if we had given it to him once the ice cream was all gone-- he loved it! Mommy and daddy went the healthy route and split a strawberry banana smoothie, though chocolate was sounding pretty darn good.

Today we had church, then breakfast, then back home for a day of just relaxing. (ie: cleaning and laundry for me-- real relaxing.) Russ had a lot of stuff to do in the office today so it's just me and the kiddos hanging out. Can't say I've gotten much done today besides laundry though. The house looks like a small tornado went through. I swear, sometimes I wonder why I bother to clean. Seriously. It's frustrating. Add three big dogs to the mix and I feel like I need a drink by the end of the! (Preferably a glass of wine or a margarita.)

All I know is....bedtime is gonna be early tonight for the kiddos. And probably for me.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Theresa said...

I always do that too! Staying up late on Saturday, knowing full well I have church Sunday morning. Even going to bed early last night, I did not make it up this morning. The carnival is so funny to read about...funny kids! It's fun to watch their desires eb and flow.

Heather said...

Sounds like a good weekend overall! I'm afraid Madelyn will be the same way as Aly when we go to Disney next year. Fortunately, she's been on some rides at a carnival for Czech days so I'm hoping she'll do okay.

R said...

same here. late nights when I KNOW I won't be able to sleep in, yet I keep staying up late anyway... *sigh* hope you have a relaxing weekend THIS weekend!! *fingers crossed* :) I'll be doing a LOT of dishes & laundry - as our house is a DISASTER right now... seriously. ick. last weekend it was dealing with a flooded basement... I'm SO ready for a relaxing weekend - hoping for that next weekend with the holiday and my vacation day I'll be off 4 days... I hope I'm not cleaning all 4 of them. ;)