Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Will's 1st Birthday!

Up late again tonight, so I figured I'd post again :-) Alyson has been waking up around this time for the past few nights and crying for me, for no apparent reason. Not sure what's going on there. For the past week and a half or so, her bedtime routine has been dragging out longer and longer. We used to listen to some music, read a book, then I'd say goodnight and that would be that. I'd close the door and she'd fall right to sleep. Then one day she wanted her light left on. Then she wanted her door left open. Now she wants me to lay with her until she falls asleep. If I get up before she's fallen asleep, she'll get out of bed and want to follow me downstairs. I swear it takes almost an hour to get her to sleep each night when it used to take 20, if that.

And NOW-- she'll wake up crying and yelling for me. Lastnight she woke up 3 different times. The first time wasa around 1am... I went and layed down in her bed and ended up falling asleep up there until 4am-ish. Being that my bed is MUCH more comfy than hers, I came back downstairs. Not even a half hour later, she must have woken up and noticed I was gone. I hear screaming and crying. I got to the steps and there she was, sitting at the top of the steps saying, "Mommy... you were in my room... you were gone." Ugh... so back upstairs I went and stayed there until she woke me up for good this morning by nudging me and saying, "Mommy, wake up-- I want cartoons on!" lol

So far so good tonight... (fingers crossed)... I just don't want this to become a regular thing! I like my own bed. No-- make that, I LOVE my own bed. Hopefully this is just a little phase she's going through.

Anyway... onto the weekend.

Sunday was our baby boy William's 1st Birthday. I can not believe Will is ONE already!! This year has FLOWN!! We plan on doing a larger family/friends birthday party for both kids in June once we get settled in the new house, but still wanted to do something for him on his actual birthday. We went to church, out to breakfast, then went party supply shopping. We had a small little party for him at our house around 5:30pm. We just invited our parents and two of our close friends and their 3 little kids. Russ had ordered some pasta and meatballs from a local Italian restaurant, and we had cake and ice cream. Will LOVED his cake!! It was white cake with strawberry filling and whipped icing. The boy ATE IT UP! There was some green icing on the outer edge of the cake, so his face and hands were all green! He was still slightly tinted green through the evening! It was hilarious!!

Now onto Monday... 4 more days to go until MOVING DAY! It still seems surreal that this won't be our house anymore. We've been here for 7 years and have made SO many memories here. I get a little choked up thinking about it because really-- this was the house we lived in when it was just the two of us, then the two of us and dogs, then kids entered the picture. The other night I was putting Aly to bed and while waiting for her to fall asleep I was looking around her room thinking back to when I was pregnant and found out I was having a girl. I was SO excited to decorate her bedroom. I painted and decorated the whole thing myself and was so pleased with how everything turned out. Same thing with Will's room. I only hope their bedrooms at the new house turn out just as great! We haven't done anything with their rooms yet... they need wallpaper removed and walls painted, but other than that they are ready to move into. I figure Rome wasn't built in a day, so we have to prioritize our home updates right now.

But yeah... SO many memories here. I'll miss this house in many ways, but then there are things about it (neighborhood-wise, mostly) I won't miss. I won't miss people driving past our house like the road is a highway. I won't miss the police cars having to go to the apartment complex down the street because the residents are doing drugs or being disorderly. I really do think the neighborhood is the main reason we wanted to move. It's just not very kid friendly, and as the kids are growing up, that's a priority for me. I want a safe neighborhood where I can take the kids or the dogs for a walk and not feel like we're gonna get run over by a motorcyclist or car going 50 mph down what SHOULD BE a 20 mph road.

I know this new house will bring so many more memories though. It'll give us the added space we need, because with 2 kids and 3 dogs, this house feels like the walls are closing in sometimes!! I'm just looking forward to painting and decorating the rest of the house... I absolutely love that kinda stuff. Can't wait to figure out where all our things can go... though I'm sure once we're halfway through unpacking I won't be so excited.

*sigh* This is just bittersweet. I know it'll really hit me when we get our final things out of the house and close the door for the last time.

Well, I should head to bed now. Here are a few pics of Will's party (the rest are on FB). Nighty Night!


Jess said...

Happy birthday to Will (and you!)!

I've only ever moved once--from Mom and Dad's house across the yard to our current place--and I think it seems incredibly hard! I reared up some when some of my family moved houses even! Lol!! Good luck on the move...it sounds like the right choice for sure!!

cdsbutterfly said...

Addison went the the same spell of a few months ago. She used to go to bed so easily and then it was just like Alyson. Light on, door open, laying with her until she was asleep, then screaming in the middle of the night. Finally, 2 months later things are getting better. She is still getting up in the middle of the night most nights but she is easier to get to bed and sleeps through the night sometimes. Hopefully it will get better for you sooner rather than later.